What is account based marketing

Here Are The 4 Steps To Devise And Implement An Account Based Marketing Program

Why account based marketing?

Undeniable Change The Enemy Our Solution
Key accounts will rarely come in through conventional marketing channels Inbound marketing and other traditional marketing channels cannot land key accounts Analyzing intent data from target accounts to identify propensity to buy. Identifying and engaging with entire buying team within target account.
Generic Content will invariably be marked as spam Email campaigns and cold calling setups delivering generic content Account level personalization of messaging that focuses on the client's problems rather than product features
Decision makers are active across multiple channels Only using hard touch channels such as calls/meetings and sales emails during sales process Using soft touch channels to build a connection with the prospect and share content and information about the solution. These would be used to enhance the salesperson's conversation with the client.
Increasingly difficult to measure ROI of marketing channels that do not directly contribute to revenue Marketing and sales working as silos and having distinct goals and KPIs Marketing and sales team that work together across the entire customer journey and are both share the common goal of driving revenue


Personalized account based marketing solutions tailored for different sections of the customer journey

Our solutions help in optimizing :

  • Demand Generation

  • Account Engagement

  • Conversions

  • Account Expansions

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