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Creating Tiers For Your Target Accounts

ABM 1 to 1

  • Deep research and account specific personalisation

  • Coordinated effort of sales, marketing, support and executive teams

  • Targeting 5 to 8 people within each account

  • Targeting last for months

  • Should not be more than 50 accounts

Industry ABM

  • Industry, Solution or Persona level personalization

  • Marketing and Sales Effort

  • Targeting 3 to 5 people in each account

  • Targeting should last for 1-2 months

  • Should not be more than 500 accounts

ABM Lite

  • Minimal customization

  • Can be clubbed with inbound accounts

  • Only marketing effort required

  • Targeting should last a few weeks

  • Should be at least 1000+ accounts


Grading accounts based on their propensity to buy

Accounts are graded on the following factors

  • Firmographics: Company size, locations, employees, industry, growth etc

  • Technographics: Relevant products and technologies used by the organizations.

  • Intent: Social signals, executive hiring, outsourced intent data

  • Engagement: Any previous engagements with the organization

Bring together first and third party sources, intent signals to build a 360° view of all accounts.

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