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Content personalization is the cornerstone of any successful ABM program
Messaging should be customized on the following:

  • Target Persona

  • Industry

  • Organization

  • Solution

  • Stage In The Customer Journey

Super Personalization

  • For ABM 1 to 1

  • Content is tailor made for each target client

  • Executive approach is customized based on the intelligence gathered

Simple Personalization

  • For ABM Lite

  • Content is personalized based on industry, solutions, and persona

No Customization

  • For Broad based outbound marketing

  • Content around company’s offerings and value proposition

  • Minimal Customization

Executive Conversation

At the highest level, an ABM program is about generating meaningful conversations with the right senior executives

One does not reach the highest level with generic marketing and messaging. If your messaging does not already address the target client’s problems, the chances of the executive engaging with your communication are minimal.

Executive outreach should be customized on the following parameters:

  • Organization’s Problems and your customized solution

  • Executive’s digital footprint, quotes, interests etc

Information Discovery:

  • Following the Organization and the Executive’s Digital Footprint:

    • Social Profiles

    • Blogs

    • Mentions and quotes

  • Engaging with mutual connections

  • Interacting with Mid Level Employees at Target Organization

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