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Selecting the right tech stack for your ABM program

  • Account Selection

    Enriching target account information and evaluating intent data

  • Marketing Automation

    Implementing marketing journeys that integrate multiple engagement channels

  • Advertising Platforms

    Leveraging advertising platforms for increased reach and engagement

  • Marketing Intelligence

    Gathering customer intelligence and website analytics


Relevant Metrics for Different Stages of the ABM Program

Early Stage Mid Stage Late Stage
Website visits from target accounts Program Success in each account Number of Opportunities
New contacts in target accounts Number of calls and meetings First Touch Ratio
Engagement scores across each channel Marketing Qualified Leads Pipeline across target accounts


Different Types of analytics for each target account

Metrics can be divided into five categories
  • Coverage: Sufficient Data, Contacts and Plans for each account

  • Awareness: Are the target accounts aware about your company and solution

  • Engagement: Are members of the buying team engaging with you and is it increasing over time.

  • Program Reach: What is the impact of the Program. How much marketing effort is going to waste

  • Influence: What is the impact created in each account. What is the pipeline value, sales velocity and forecasts.

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